19 Oregon Employers Honored for Excellence in Workplace Flexibility

Women’s Plaza is thrilled to report that Family Forward Oregon and the Center for Parental Leave Leadership have announced the Oregon winners of the 2016 When Work Works Award for exemplary workplace practices.


The award is part of When Work Works, a national project that also shares research on what makes an effective and flexible workplace within the business community.


The recipients demonstrated a commitment to providing: opportunities for learning; a culture of trust; work-life fit; supervisor support for work success; autonomy; and satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement — all factors associated with employee health, well-being, and engagement.


     “This award is personal. I started my business because my own daughter needed Mom to have a flexible schedule and creative work option. I kept the faith that if I continued to do the same thing,the right thing, for every new employee, how could we not be successful? And the result? A fiercely loyal staff, almost no turnover, and revenue growth year after year. It’s still personal. I just get to share the dream with every family affiliated with Hello.” –Sharon Soliday, Founder and CEO of The Hello Foundation, one of Oregon’s 2016 winners.


The 19 Oregon recipients of the 2016 When Work Works Award are (located in Portland unless otherwise noted):


Family Forward Oregon and the Center for Parental Leave Leadership will recognize recipients of the When Work Works awards luncheon on June 4, 2016 at the White Stag building in downtown Portland. For more information on how to attend or sponsor this event, please click on the link when work works.