28 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now: Part IV

Originally Posted on Willamette Week:

Reason #16: Because soon every day will be Take Your Child to Work Day

Glaucia Martin-Porath remembers being a new mother, forced to go back to work and spend 10 hours a day away from her children. “It felt so terrible,” she says. “The system doesn’t support working mothers.”

So the native Brazilian, who works as a mental health therapist and educational consultant,  decided to open a family-focused co-working space. That space,Women’s Plaza, is likely to open this summer in the Pearl.

“Any good idea comes from struggle,” she says.

The Plaza will include office space, a gym, professional development classes and, maybe most importantly, a day care center called Portland Explorers Academy, which will offer programs for infants all the way up to after-school care for older children.

The idea is to merge parenthood and work with a “holistic approach all around,” according to Martin-Porath. For example, the cook who provides food for the academy will also cook meals for people using the co-working space and dinners for them to take home. And men will also be allowed to work at Women’s Plaza, since the struggle of maintaining a family life while working is increasingly a male issue, too.

Spots at Women’s Plaza will range in price from $150 a month to upward of $2,000, and Martin-Porath hopes to attract companies who will pay for the service to help retain employees after family leave and ease the transition for new parents back to work.

“It’s so difficult for mothers to balance it all,” she says, “especially in the early stages of breast feeding.

Toss out your breast pump—soon, every day will be Take Your Child to Work Day.  By Lizzy Acker. Photo by Emily Joan Greene.