5 Common Traits of Remarkable Women Entrepreneurs by Jenn Aubert

Women entrepreneurs are a definitely a hot topic these days – with good reason!


It’s been amazing to see the number of articles, books, and magazine covers focused on the female entrepreneur.


We are a force to be reckoned with and we are growing in both numbers, influence and impact. But what exactly makes accomplished women entrepreneurs successful? Why are some remarkable and scale the heights of success and influence while others fizzle out under the weight of overwhelm and burnout?


I spent a year interviewing over 100 successful women entrepreneurs to find out the common traits that make them a success and this is what I discovered.


5 Traits of Remarkable Women Entrepreneurs:

  1. Mindset: They Embrace Failure

Successful women entrepreneurs don’t view failure as something to avoid or fear. They view failing as something that is inevitable, to be embrace and to learn from. They don’t necessarily love it, of course, but they know that in taking risks and playing bigger invites missteps, mistakes and failures.

Question: How do you view failing? Are you open to failing a little bit every day to grow and expand?

  1.  Motivation: How They Define Success is Different

Nearly every person I spoke to was motivated by something other than the typical (and masculine) big three: money, power, and status. One of the main drivers that motivates most successful female entrepreneurs goes beyond themselves – it has to do with others. They are motivated to serve others with their product or service, build and nurture great teams, care for their families and children, and help their communities in a significant way.

Question: What motivates you? What drives you to pursue the risky waters of entrepreneurship?

  1. Behavior:  They Take Consistent Action

Successful female entrepreneurs are notoriously very busy and their actions are not without purpose. They are consistently taking intentional, thoughtful and strategic steps to move forward in their business. Action for them creates clarity – they don’t wait to become clear to take action.

Question: What small action can you make today to move your business forward?

  1. Connection: They Find and Connect with Others

Women are natural connectors however when it comes to business many go at it alone. Why re-create the wheel or move at a snail’s pace when you can learn and grow together.  Tide rises all boats, right?  The women I interviewed advised to find other women and create support or Mastermind groups. They found that was one of the quickest ways to success. Not sure where to find one? Look no further as Woman’s Plaza and LearnSavvy’s Savvy Circles.

Question: How can I find, join, or create a group of other women business owners where we all powerfully learn, support and grow together?

  1. Energy: They Resist Overwhelm

Overwhelm is often worn as a badge of honor but among remarkable women entrepreneurs they know that overwhelm doesn’t serve a purpose.  They are surely busy but not to the point where they no longer enjoy what they’re doing. They find ways to offload, delegate and outsource what they don’t like doing both personally and professionally allowing more time for what’s most important.

Question: If I’m feeling overwhelmed, what’s really causing this? 


Successful women entrepreneurs may appear to have something that most of the rest of us don’t possess.  But that is grossly untrue.  The qualities that make them successful are most likely aspects of yourself that you can access, nurture and improve upon.

They are not lucky, gifted or privileged. They have learned to embrace failure, they know exactly what motivates them, they consistently take action to move forward towards their dreams, they powerful connect, and they resist overwhelm. These five simple qualities taken together may help propel you forward towards finding the success you desire and deserve.


Jenn Aubert is the Co-Founder of LearnSavvy®, an online community and learning platform for women business owners during those first 5 critical years in business. We do this through facilitating Mastermind Circles, called Savvy Circles, where women are matched in groups of 6 and spend 90 days together getting guidance, building connections and having real accountability in achieving their biggest goals. To connect with Jenn you can find her at www.learnsavvy.co or Twitter at https://twitter.com/learnsavvy