A new champion for Women’s Plaza

In our last newsletter we were looking for a new daycare partner. Wow, that was almost a year ago. We were determined to keep going and continuing our endless search for a new partner and for a location.

After such a long search, we are happy to announce that we found an amazing new partner and have built over this year a solid relationship.
We have the pleasure to introduce to you Stacey Dunbar owner and Director of Education of “Aprende con amigos“, an incredible Spanish immersion daycare, and the woman warrior who is going to champion the Women’s Plaza concept in Portland.

In the midst of our negotiations and looking for a location, CEO Glaucia Martin-Porath, found out that she was going to move to California with her family.
After solidifying her plans, Stacey and her agreed that Women’s Plaza would move on to the capable hands of Stacey and that she would be committed to finding a home for Women’s Plaza and for all of our over 800 members.

Stacey is working hard to secure a location in N and NE Portland. She is dedicated, passionate about the concept and is honored to serve this community of amazing women. If you would like to connect with her, you can email her at stacey@aprendeconamigos.com.

Although we were sad to part with our concept we are also relieved that we had found someone so capable and so passionate to provide working mothers with the same solution for the long haul problem of choosing between family and career.

The community is in such good hands and we are excited to see our concept come alive and fulfill such an important need for all working mothers in Portland, Oregon.
Stacey’s journey has just started and we would like to ask for the community full support in helping her, just like you did with us to find Women’s Plaza a home.

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to each one of you who have supported us unconditionally, we are forever grateful and we can not wait to see what the future holds for Stacey and her capable team.

It has been a long journey but again, as strong and powerful women we are, we conquer the challenges and we NEVER give up.

Please keep in touch with our CEO (glaucia@womens-plaza.com) and we will update you on her next journey and share how she will manifest her dream of supporting women, families and social entrepreneurship in California.

We are powerful together! Keep loving, supporting each other and making your life an endless summer!

Much love,


The Women’s Plaza Team