Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor by Britney Gardner

In the entrepreneurial world, there are a lot of silver bullets, magic pills, “must have” strategies and programs…and guides…and…the list goes on. Everyone out there claims to have the answer, the one thing. And that one thing is supposedly, your ultimate business success answer. It’s the reason you are not where you want to be.


The thing is, there is no one solution that works for everyone. Your solution and big a-ha moment will likely be very different than the moment I finally broke through my own business success barriers. For some it’s money blocks they must work through. For others, it’s deciding to hustle. Or not. Still others will flourish once they get everything organized into tidy systems. We all have different turning points. For me, it was realizing it’s all about relationships.


I’ve recently launched my podcast, The Know, Like & Trust Show. In the early planning stages (yes, six months ago!) I decided I wanted a platform to get my message out to the masses. I’m a brand strategist and branding photographer. In building this business, I realized how many misconceptions there are around branding, around personal branding, and around using photographs to sell your business. So I decided to start a podcast to talk about branding and what it really is. The working name was The Visual Brand.


Here’s where the path divides, though. In planning out the content for my show, I realized it’s not just about branding. It’s about crafting connection. It’s about building relationships. And in realizing that, I saw a parallel in my photography work.


Personal branding photographs aren’t there just to make you look good. In fact, I’d say you feeling great about yourself and seeing photographs of you at your highest potential are a wonderful self esteem and business vibration boost! But that’s not the big reason I offer them. I help you create connection through photography. Your photos will guide you into building relationships with the best clients for you. But they only do that if there’s a good branding strategy behind the photos.


This is why most business photo shoots fail. This is why a month or two after the “branding” photo shoot, many businesses feel they didn’t get the value they expected. Their shoots had no strategy behind them. They were meant to make the business owner look fabulous, yes. But without the strategy of relationship building, the clear intent and path the photos will provide, they fall flat eventually.


And this is why most “silver bullets” and “magic pills” do the same. Yes, they might be the solution that some have been waiting for. But not everyone. We all have different gauges of success. We yearn for different processes, different results. We like to work in different ways.


If you look deeper, though, there is a commonality. Most of these programs out there and many business theories revolve around building a more complete relationship. A few decades ago, Bob Burg said, “All things being equal, people will do business with — and refer business to— those people they know, like and trust.”


Zig Ziglar followed that up with, “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”


There are many ways to look at the Know, Like and Trust factor and I’ve already explored a few different perspectives in my podcast. As I started interviewing guests, I realized my show was less about branding and more about the WHY of branding. Why is branding such an elusive topic? Why is it so hard to define one of the #1 reasons business fail to bring in a thriving client base?


It’s because they forget, the client is half of the relationship.


When you’re building an email marketing funnel, each one of those numbers on the other side is looking for a relationship. If you fail to deliver on that relationship, they will unsubscribe. So bring content to your emails. Share engaging stories. Ask questions! And when people start responding, LISTEN to them!


If you do online advertising with Facebook ads or Google ads. If you create printed flyers or handouts. If you need new business cards, remember this: the person on the receiving side of that card is forming an opinion. How you deliver those pieces of content has as much to do with your brand as what you put into the content.


Marketing can get a bad rap and so can networking. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When you approach each of these with love for the person on the other side of the relationship, you’re well on your way to building up your Know, Like & Trust factor.


Britney Gardner is a personal brand strategist and marketing photographer, on a mission to change the world one person at a time. She translates what it feels like to work with you into branding you can use to build a business full of the best clients for you.

Creator of the Brandscape Photo Experience and The Know Like a& Trust Show, Britney serves entrepreneurs who are ready to level up to the premium clients they’ve been waiting for. You can learn more about personal branding with Britney at: Website | FB | Instagram | Twitter