Glaucia Martin-Porath

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Glaucia Martin-Porath is a mental health therapist and educational consultant who believes in the power of social entrepreneurship – and the power of motherhood. She is also a wife and the mother of two gorgeous and energetic school-age boys. They are her inspiration, and the inspiration for Women’s Plaza.

A native of Brazil, Martin-Porath grew up in a family with a chain of retail stores. Listening at the dinner table, she absorbed lessons in running a business; working at the family’s sales counters, she learned the importance of customer service. These experiences have continued to drive her, throughout life and career.

As a young woman, she founded her own successful business, manufacturing athletic apparel. Although she began by bootstrapping in the garage of her business partner, nothing stopped her to achieve her goals. By age 21, she had nearly a dozen employees and had increased operating profit by 30 percent in a period of 3 years.

Later, she served as Latin American sales officer for a software company, where she hit annual revenue targets exceeding $1 million.

She holds degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and Communications and a certificate in Organizational Development. She spent more than a decade as a child mental health therapist, educational consultant, and trainer in Portland, Oregon, working with special needs children and families served by Head Start.

The work itself was fulfilling. But as a mother, Martin-Porath struggled to find balance between family and work. Ultimately, she realized two things: She was not alone, there had to be another path and she needed to pave it.

She conceived Women’s Plaza, a unique coworking space where mothers can work, enjoy social and career support, access wellness services and have affordable childcare, all under one roof. Here is her inspiration:

Every woman that I encounter inspires me; warriors of the daily routines, the daily struggles, who conquer social isolation and prejudice everyday with a gentle heart. Women who put their children and family’s needs first no matter what, and renounce their own well being and balance in the process. Women who keep going and keep fighting and keep doing the best they can in every area of their lives without giving up. For these women: mothers who want to be with their newborn babies, professionals who have a career to build, women who must nurture their heart, body and soul, and women who have a family to raise and relationships to deepen. For these women, I developed the Women’s Plaza”.


“I thrive on empowering women. By investing in women’s power, we enable generations to contribute to a world of abundance and peace.”


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