Women’s Plaza: Location


We are homing in on a family-friendly neighborhood with easy freeway access. Stay tuned!

Birth of a Revolution: Reclaiming The Plaza

The Plaza, Spanish for square, has throughout history been the hub of community, commerce, life and connection. This is the place in the community where people came together to support each other, find resources and spark the evolution of thought. At the Plaza, ideas were exchanged and revolutions were sparked, causing old paradigms to be questioned and broken.We’re reclaiming the concept of The Plaza, and changing the concept of coworking in the 21st century.At Women’s Plaza, we’re our own revolution, our own birth place of ideas and support, our own community.
Women’s Plaza will be a community-based coworking space for people who believe in a world where working parents can have easy, centralized access to their wants and needs in terms of both commerce and society. From business coaching to daycare to fitness classes, Women’s Plaza will truly serve as a hub, or plaza, for the heartbeat of our community, family and businesses: working parents. Women’s Plaza, just like the plazas of old, will revolutionize coworking, for one and for all.

The Plaza.

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