Our mission is to establish a resource rich community that nurtures, supports, fulfills and empowers working mothers and their families on a daily basis.


Our vision is a world where working mothers are fully & equally supported, recognized & compensated as indispensable active members of our society.



  1. Rely on and connect working mothers to shared community resources, knowledge and love.
  2. Prioritize and create family and work balance.
  3. Empower and educate families to truly exercise equal partnership.
  4. Support & facilitate working mother’s personal and professional growth.
  5. Invest in working mothers and their families’ wellbeing.
  6. Inspire and establish understanding, acceptance and collaboration among all women.
  7. Partner with businesses to invest and innovate towards working mother’s wellbeing, compensation and work/family-friendly policies.
  8. Recognize and declare that raising well-balanced and healthy children is all society’s responsibility.