Our plans for 2017!

We would like to wish you all: a fantastic Holiday season.

Here are a couple of things to pounder in order to prepare for all the overwhelming feelings that arrive with this time of the year:
  • Take very deep breaths and tell yourself – “I can get through this with grace”.
  • Consider being grateful for your health, for your loved ones and for the opportunity to bear challenges.
  • Reflect on 2016 – talking about challenges, this was one of those years filled with challenges.
  • Plan what is in your heart’s desires for 2017.
  • Get an accountability buddy or group of amazing women to rely on, so you can get things done.
  • Lastly, ENJOY yourself and find JOY in every little encounter and moment. They won’t last forever.


We had the chance to go over our year and here is our plan for 2017:
~ We decided to buy a building. We are NO LONGER pursuing rentals. We won’t compromise the Women’s Plaza concept and be at the mercy of landlords who don’t really understand and support the needs of our community.
~ We are listening to what you want and where you want to be. We will continue to look fiercely for the perfect location.
~ We are going to partner with investors to buy some property and support our organization.
~ We are going to continue to partner with local non-profits and government agencies.
~ We won’t give up. We will continue to invest in our dream. It doesn’t matter how long it will take us.

News in our Community:

Family forward is doing an amazing job at advocating for all of us and they need our support! If you believe that you or anyone you love should have the right to receive Paid Leave, take one minute to support this measure click here: Paid leave Oregon!

Journey to Equador with Kimi Mari and Jennifer Oechsner 
Needing time to connect with yourself while also serving a beautiful community?
This heartfelt retreat involves volunteering in Quito before spending a week re-aligning your bio-rhythms with the rise and set of the sun at healing retreat center located at the edge of rainforest. Come deepen your joy, gratitude, and human connection on this once-in-a lifetime adventure.

We are so grateful for you and for your support. We are strong in our determination. This is the time to keep our dreams alive, connect and support one another.

Much love,


The Women’s Plaza Family