Outwardly Displaying the Wisdom Within by Katherine Johnson

“Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.” – Lao-Tzu, 6th Century Taoism


What we communicate to ourselves impacts how we connect with others. I marvel at the women I meet through my work. They are full of life-experience, compassion, self-awareness, complexity and eager to make a bigger impact in the world. When I meet my clients, something is happening in their lives where they want to show up more connected to themselves. They want to be intentional about making sure that their outer image is fully aligned and congruent with who they truly are. They want to feel alive, beautiful, relaxed, open and radiant. I teach them how to see themselves first and be intentional about framing themselves in the clothes and colors that are in harmony with who they are.


Supporting women in this way is like blowing on an ember, creating a spark that ignites something bigger inside them so they come alive and commit to their own greatness. All my energy is now positively focused on helping women come alive. By focusing on the woman first, we can create a very clear and authentic way to find harmony between the clothes and the person. One of the first steps is to be tuned in to who you are in this moment and intentional about what you are communicating through your outer appearance.


Before you even speak, it’s possible to unknowingly put up barriers, hide your true self, and communicate the completely wrong message about who you are. Through my work, I teach women who want to be seen, heard and valued for who they truly are how to dress authentically and confidently in the colors, fabrics, textures and design lines that create resonance.


My phone rang not too long ago from a prospective client and within minutes of talking, the woman deepened our conversation with her honesty. “I look put together and I am successful on many counts, I frequently speak on stage to hundreds of people…AND, the truth is, I know I am hiding. I don’t want to live this way anymore. I just want to be myself. It’s important to me.” The thing about hiding in plain sight is: nobody knows you are hiding except you. When you have an inkling that you might be stuck, that you want to be more for yourself, that nobody really knows you, there is an opportunity to see yourself in a different way, to shed the layers that are incongruent and to show up more connected to your true self.


I invite you to explore a new way of seeing yourself. To connect with your true self and to be confident in who you are in this moment. Living as your true self starts with a commitment to unconditional love for yourself. Is it always easy? No. Is it scary? Sometimes. Does the commitment to unconditional love ever end? Not a chance. Is it worth it? Hell yes.


Katherine Johnson is the founder of Spark: Align Your Presence & Personal Brand. She is known for teaching women how to gracefully amplify their presence and make a bigger impact in all areas of their lives. She teaches speakers, authors and coaches how to step forward with an outer image that increases connection, confidence and positions them for success. Instead of focusing on the clothes first, she is passionate about focusing on the woman and framing her in the clothes that create a memorable and congruent presence.