Women Empowered in PDX

First-Ever Event Highlights by Cecily Fernandes

On Friday, March 13th, Women’s Plaza hosted its first-ever event, “Women Empowered in PDX,” and it was a great success! Held on a Friday night, the excitement was tangible the minute the doors opened. Participant Laurie M.O. loved “Meeting women trying to do it all. Strong Visionary Women!”

Beloved Community

The night began with table leaders guiding women in discussions about the highs and lows of trying to balance work and motherhood in today’s society. The leaders asked participants five questions and the women had three rounds of discussions pertaining to the five questions. Once the discussion period was over, the table leader took all the main ideas and made a collective response for the table that was shared with the entire room at the end of the night.

The event wasn’t all talk — scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and a range of beverages were served all night while the women conversed. Women chose where they sat and which tables they rotated to, allowing for meaningful and organic connections. Tiffany Joy enjoyed the loving community at the event, and was “appreciative of having a new network of women and would love easy access to that.” Throughout the night the women were invited to mingle and discuss their backgrounds, ranging from their careers, to their hobbies, to their family lives, and everything in between.

Women’s Plaza Mission

During the event, Women’s Plaza founder and CEO, Glaucia Martin-Porath, stood at the podium to share her life experience and what motivated her to start Women’s Plaza.

The ability to find and talk to women with similar struggles and triumphs was a sobering experience for many of the participants. Jenna D. found the night “so inspiring, supportive, and heart opening. It’s a safe place to be vulnerable. I really connected to and loved almost everyone there!” The entire room rejoiced when Glaucia confirmed for them what they had been wanting to hear for so long. They no longer had to navigate their way all over town to get to meetings and network, daycare, to enjoy fresh organic meals, and to ultimately take care of themselves and their business because they would now all be in one convenient location, the Women’s Plaza. The night ended with everyone letting loose and dancing the night away like old friends.

Renee T. summed up the night perfectly when she said, “This room was full of amazing beauty, love, support, and power. It was an awesome end to a crazy week as a single mom and business owner. I feel like I can move forward with confidence and enthusiasm knowing others are in it with me.”  “Women Empowered in PDX” is the Women’s Plaza’s first step in fulfilling it’s mission: to create a community for working women and their children that supports, empowers, and nurtures them in every way possible.