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Work/Life Balance Jugglers
Come join our members who believe in living their work life and their home life fully, without compromise. They have kid(s) or plan to have kids and want to further their career. They don’t want to spend their limited time inefficiently, such as shuttling kids to and from day care.They seek opportunities for professional as well as personal development and tend to invest money on these services because they understand the value.

Come and join our members who are entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. They recognize the value of a professional, trusted coworking space that meets their business needs. They bring intrinsic knowledge of good business practices and know what to look for in a coworking environment. They will also not settle for less when it comes to caring for their children, and will apply the same high standards to potential day care providers.

Satellite Seeking Social
Come and join our members who work for organizations but who don’t work from their company’s office. These members need a work environment that will allow them to be productive and effective so they can stay up to speed with their job duties and company. They might have researched other coworking spaces, or considered working from home, but realized that the value of having a coworking environment with top-notch services, day care, professional and a community support system is the best choice.

Email us to tell us what is important for you to run your life and business in the best way.

Then join our community in one of our membership options at a tier that fits your budget. We are a family oriented business and we are open to everyone who respects differences and supports a community that is investing on women and working family’s success. Please join us!


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