Working Portland mothers could get a shared office (and daycare) all their own

Originally Posted on Portland Business Journal:

Portland is firmly within the hot coworking trend’s epicenter.

Plenty of national groups are moving in, plus there are a slew of home grown facilities that have found specific niche communities.

The latest coworking space proposed for Portland takes the overall concept of a shared work environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers, and adds one more amenity: childcare.

Women’s Plaza is a coworking space aimed at working mothers and is the brainchild of entrepreneur Glaucia Martin-Porath.

She has the concept and early partners nailed down, including the childcare provider. Now, she is looking for the right real estate. Once the site is selected she can finish designing the facility and open membership sign ups.

Martin-Porath is looking for 6,000 to 8,000 square feet for the coworking space and another 5,000 square feet for the childcare space. She is hoping to find a building in Northeast Portland but will consider other areas if the space is right.

Martin-Porath has a background working in early childhood mental health as well as manufacturing and sales. She is also the mother of two young children: Her idea for Women’s Plaza came from her own experience of trying to balance work and life.

“I asked what would I have liked to have when the children were young? The answer came quick,” she said. “A place to go to work where I had affordable quality childcare and services that helped me grow in all areas, professionally, socially, physically and emotionally.”

Like other coworking spaces, Women’s Plaza will have hot desks for members to use, as well as shared equipment and infrastructure as well as private offices to rent. Martin-Porath, who is also a member of the Hatch coworking space in Northeast, expects a break-even point at about 100 members. She has already had more than 100 interested women respond to a survey seeking feedback on the idea.